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Make a Medieval Wax sealer - Part 3: How to wax seal an envelope

In this part of the tutorial we realize the fruits of our labor and use our newly made wax sealer to seal an envelope! Yay!

It takes a little bit of practice though. I had to do a half dozen of them before I got the hang of it.


Light the wick

Light the wick of the wax.

There are various types of wax and some have a wick and some are wickless. Of course, if you have the wickless type you can use a match or a lighter as the fire source to melt the wax onto the envelope to be sealed.


Melt the wax

Drip the wax onto your spot to be sealed. You could even draw a light circle on the envelope right where you want the wax to go. If you want to be real neat about it.

Spread the wax

Then use the end of the wax to spread the melted wax around a little bit, forming it into it's final shape.

Funny thing about spreading it around. If you use the end with the wick you are going to spread a little bit of carbon on the wax. This gives it a gray marbling effect. Which some people like. But if you don't want any marbling then you spread the wax with the other end of the wax stick.

Experiment with this to see what you like.

Moisten the stamper

Now this step is important! Moisten the stamper with a wet sponge. This prevents the stamper from sticking to the wax!

Stamp it!

Now this is where it takes a little bit of practice. Pause a few seconds to let that hot wax cool just a bit. Then go ahead and slowly stamp it! Yup, don't rush right into the stamping of it. Waiting a bit is good. Hold it in place for a few seconds then remove it.

Remove the stamp

Go ahead and remove the stamp!

You will have to pry it just a little bit.

If you have difficulty removing it that's ok. Next time try a little bit more moisture or try waiting a little longer before stamping it.

The stamped envelope

Your envelope is stamped! Go ahead and mail it!!!!

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Here is a great alternative to buying sealing wax. You can buy sticks for your hot glue gun:

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