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How to Make a Plastic Model - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial I wrap things up with a couple more important tips on model building.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



I keep lots of rubber bands, small clips and clothespins handy when I am building a model. They really come in handy. Not just to insure the parts cement together but to insure they cement together seamlessly. Getting a perfect seam on the parts makes a huge difference in how the model eventually looks. Use these asssembly aids very liberally!





So, you move through the steps of the assembly doing the things it says. Here I am doing steps eleven and twelve. And this also shows us something about sub-assemblies.


About sub-assemblies

Much of model making is about the sub assemblies. You make smaller groups of parts then you glue these assemblies to other parts. This picture shows a sub assembly that was put together. And now I am going to be gluing it into the hull of the ship.






Here the sub assembly is cemented in.









Okay! One more tip for you. It is about workspace. Try to get yourself a nice big workspace so you have plenty of room to work and spread out your materials and tools. I have a table devoted to hobbies and I cutsomized it so I have racks and drawers for tools, brushes, and all sorts of things. I also lay out a big sheet of foamboard so I can keep the table surface easy to clean.


NextOkay! The tutorial is done. Happy model building. But.... I have a page here with some models you might want to consider.



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