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How to Make a PVC sword Part 3


Now we assemble the sword together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Heat the end

Check to make sure the end of the pipe still fits in the X piece. If it doesn't you can heat it up to soften it and then you can fit it into the X piece.


Assemble it

There you go! It fits nicely. Glue it in!


Heat the tip

Now let's shape the tip of the sword. You can mark it with a marker then cut it with a hacksaw. Or you can heat it up and cut it with Tin Snips.

Once you have cut it you should sand it to shape it and remove any burrs.


Assemble it

Ok! Glue the parts in. Including the two cross bar pieces, the handle and the three end caps. In the pic one end cap is not shown. that one is at the very end of the handle.


NextOk! The sword looks great. Lets Continue with the tutorial, paint it and add handle details.

Insert the handle




Make Elucidator from Sword Art Online


This is an easy foam board project from the very popular Sword Art Online. I give you the template. Make Elucidator



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