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How to Make a Spiderman Web Shooter
that really works


This is a tutorial on how to make a spiderman web shooter that really shoots. It uses a rubber band for power and it shoots a string like a web. Easy project and I had a lot of fun with it.
You just need a few supplies like a piece of foamboard, a string, a rubber band and some paint.

The PDF template for this project is right here: Webshooter Template

If you came here from youtube I will be posting this tutorial shortly! I will need a few hours!

There is a video for this tutorial right after the first picture.



the spiderman web shooter

You can also watch the video tutorial here:


Supplies list for this project:

  • 1 sheet of foamboard
  • 15 feet of thin string, kite string is great for this
  • 1 rubber band
  • hot glue gun ( works best but regular glue is ok too)
  • 2 toothpicks
  • some tape, masking tape is best
  • Red, Blue, Black Paints

For the Armband:

  • A piece of cloth, leather or vinyl big enough to wrap around your wrist
  • Some velcro is best to attach it all together but you can improvise something else if needed

Let's Make this web shooter!!

cut out the pieces

Print out the pdf and cut out the various pieces.








trace onto foamboardPut those pieces on a piece of foamboard. You can trace around them and then cut the pieces out of foamboard. Or you can even use gluestick to just glue the pieces down then cut them out.






The trickest part of this whole assembly is the main piece. Be sure to cut out the slot. It is marked on the template. Cut out the whole piece then just cut through a layer of the paper so you can fold it like in the picture. Foamboard is really good for this. This way you get this shape.






Now Glue one of the quartermoons right into the bottom of the webshooter. Notice that it is about 1/2 inch from the bottom edge and it is right up against the side where the slot is.









Next glue two quarter moons to the top piece. This will go on top of the webshooter. The quarter moons will sit directly over the one quarter moon below. And in the same orientation.









Now glue two more quarter moons to the top piece.






This picture shows the three quarter moons as they should be. The one on the bottom and the two glued to the top. The extra piece you see between them is the trigger. I will show you how to put that in .






Now insert the trigger into the slot. Position it in a way that it will have free range of motion.







pierce a hole through the triggerWith the trigger in the right place so it moves freely pierce a hole through the whole assembly. As you are piercing pause to check the range of motion on the trigger. You can always move the trigger to a new position and repierce it.







Next insert a toothpick all the way through the whole thing. Apply glue to the top and bottom ends of the toothpick then trim the toothpick down.








Now insert another toothpick into the other end of the assembly as shown. This is where the rubber band will be strung over. Trim it down so it is about 1/2 inch. Glue it in place too. And pre punch a hole if needed before installing the toothpick.





Now tape the hinged cover onto the assembly. Just tape it on one side so you can hinge it open to reload the rubberband and web.






This picture shows the hinging action.






NextOkay this web shooter is almost done! Let's finish it up and paint it!



Elmer's Guide-Line Foam Board 20 Inches x 30 Inches, White, 2 Foam Boards per pack

I love elmers foam board, and this has light grid lines on it .



Spiderman Mask

You'll be a complete superhero with this deluxe Spiderman mask. The red mask is made from a nylon/spandex blend and features Spidey's signature webbing. The holes for the eyes are covered in a white mesh for clear vision. Discrete nose holes are in the front for easy breathing. Put on this classic mask for the complete Spiderman experience!



Spiderman Toddler Size: 3T-4T (Red/Blue)







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