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How to make a sword sheath part 3


OK! Getting closer to finishing this project. In this part we add some details to the scabbard and we add the straps so you can hang it on your belt.



Cut foam stripsOk, cut yourself six strips of foam like this.

The two large pieces are about 18 inches long and an inch and three quarters wide.

The four smaller pieces are about 10 inches long and an inch and one quarter wide.


Measure and cut the end strip

Ok, one of those smaller strips will be glued at the open end of the scabbard like this so measure it and cut it to length. You will glue it on the edge of the scabbard just as you did with the large sheets of foam.






Cover seam

Do the same thing at the other end of the scabbard where the seam is. Measure and cut a piece to cover right over it.







design in the foamWonderful thing about this foam is that you can use a ball point pen to impress designs on it. Some kind of a patter on these two pieces would look great. Then you can go ahead and paint them silver or any other color you choose, if desired.

Painting these two strips is optional but recommended because it really does look great. If you want your scabbard to look elven then you might design these with a pen then paint them green.


GLue the large strips on

Glue the two larger strips onto the sword sheath like this and trim them. Note that the wrap right around the sheath.

Note how the one further away from the end is trimmed to a longer length. You want to do this to yours. This will insure it hangs correctly from your waist.





Add eyelets

We added eyelets to these straps. That is optional. Go ahead and round those straps with scissors just for aesthetics.







Duct tape eyelet

If you don't have eyelets you can do this. Wrap the strap with duct tape then pierce a hole through it all. This is for strength. It is easy for the foam to tear and the duct tape will make it stronger. You do this same thing for the hanging straps. I will show you those too.





Ok, finish it off. Fold over the two remaining strips of foam to form straps and put the eyelets in them. These are shown by the red arrows. Then either use keyrings or make keyrings with wire and attach those two straps to the sword as shown by the yellow arrow. Finally, if you haven't done it already glue on the two silver decorated straps. One at the end and one over the seam (blue arrow shows one of them)

Finishing touches


That's it! Your sheath (scabbard) is done!

The completed sheath




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