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How to make a wire bonsai tree Part 4 - extra stuff


In this bonus part of the tutorial we take a look at making little blossoming flowers for the tree and we take a look at an alternative method of making the leaves for the tree.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Make the Flowers

make a flower

Start with tissue paper. Fold it like you see in the upper left of the photo. Cut out one corner approx one inch by one and a half inch. You end up with a stack of four like being held there. That is a stack of four.








Fold the paper

Fold it accordian style forward and back all the way down.









Accordian shape

So it looks like this.









Cut a slit

Cut a slit in the middle about half way up and through all the layers.









Cut the ends to a point

Cut the ends pointed like this. Or rounded if you prefer a different look.









wrap a thin wire

Now put a thin piece of wire right into that slit you made and wrap it around twist it into a stem.








Twist the wire

So it looks like this.









Open up the petals

Now open up the petals and carefully separate each layer of paper.









Shape the flower

Once you get them all separated you just fluff it a bit and shape it a bit until it looks nice and rounded.









Flower is complete

Now you can trim the wire stem, apply hot glue to it and attach it to the tree.









They look great

They look Great!!










Alternate method

Let's take a look at the different type of leaf on the smaller tree. Note too that because it is a smaller tree we used thinner wire to make it.

We also separated some of the wires at the base to make the roots you see spreading out into the ground. We also skipped the bulking with aluminum foil and it has a good look this way too.

The container is filled with scraps then plaster cloth. The leaves are mediu green clump foliage that you can buy in arts and crafts stores. It is a terrain making material that is clumped. You put dabs of glue or hot glue on a branch then apply clumps of the fine turf.






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Gardening in Miniature: Create Your Own Tiny Living World

The next garden trend combines the joy of gardening with the magic of miniatures. Gardening in Miniature  is a complete guide to creating lush, living, small-scale gardens. It has everything you need to pick up this new hobby, including scaled down garden designs, techniques for creating tiny hardscapes, miniature garden care and maintenance, tips on choosing containers, how to buy the right plants, and where to find life-like accessories. Inspiring step-by-step projects feature basic skills that can be recreated in any number of designs, like a tiny patio, a trellis, a pond, and a secret garden.


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