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Make a Wizard's Globe - Part 2 the stand

In this part of the tutorial we start the building of the stand for the globe.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



draw the parts on poster board

Once I had the drawings done and I knew how I wanted it to look I broke that down into separate pieces and then drew full sized ones on poster board.


Trace parts onto foam

I cut out those pieces and used them as a template to trace onto foam.


All the parts

There we are. The foam pieces are all ready. Next I cut them all out using a hot wire foam cutter.


Use Liquid nails as glue

To assemble the parts together I used Liquid Nails. There are different types of liquid nails and different types of foam. Some combinations of the two can potentiall melt the foam so test it on a scrap piece before using it!


Notch the rings to fit together

I cut notches in the arches so they could be liquid nailed together.


The rings are mated

They attach together and end up looking like this.


Use a rasp to shape it

I used a rasps, sandpaper and handsaws to shape everything.


Glue the legs in

To assemble the feet into the column I used a woodworking technique called Mortise and Tenon. The foot has a tab on it and the column has a slot in it. You glue it right in.


Paint it

Here it is, all assembled together and painted with a coat of white paint.


Add wood for strength

Note something. After making the globe it turned out to be quite heavy. So, I ended up changing this to make it stronger. I removed part of the arches and replaced that top ring with one made out of plywood.

This is an important thing to note! It is ok to make changes and improvements as you are building a project. It is good flexibility in thinking.


NextLet's continue and make the globe - This part is a whole lot of fun!



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