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How to Make a Wizard's Globe - Part 3 the plaster shell of the globe

In this part of the tutorial we begin the work on the globe by selecting a mold and then creating the plaster shell.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here


This part of the project proved to be quite tricky for me. I needed to make a globe that is about 24 inches in diameter. It had to be strong but light. So how do I do this? I figured that plaster cloth would be perfect for the shell. But what would I use as the mold to put the plaster cloth on? I needed a big ball that is about 24 inches in size.

So, I bought something called a Wubble. It is a currently popular blow up ball. And it has a very adjustable size so I could just inflate it to the size I want.

A wubble

The Amazing WUBBLE Bubble Ball - Looks like a bubble, plays like a ball! Blue


But.... It was too soft. It doesn't hold it's spherical shape under and pressure. It compresses and distorts. Next!

That when I hit on those exercise balls. The kind you see in the gym. They are inflated and they are pretty firm. I inflated it and it was perfect. Just the size I needed and nice and firm. It will hold all the various arts and crafts materials without distorting much.

Body Ball

Gold's Gym 65 cm Anti-burst Body Ball


Inflate the body ball

I inflated it up to the size I needed.


Check the size of it

Perfect! It might seem a little small but remember that between the ball and that outer ring we have to fit two gimbals.


Apply plaster cloth to make the shell

Now let's make the shell of the globe. I do it with a product called Plaster Cloth. This is a cloth that has plaster embedded in it. You dip the cloth in water and it activates. Then place it on the globe. As it dries it hardens.

I did three layers. I will show you more of this. And I ended up using over 5 pounds of the plaster cloth. This is why I strengthened the stand by adding plywood - the weight of the plaster cloth!


Plaster Cloth

Activa Rigid Wrap Plaster Cloth, 5-Pound



Use an overlapping pattern

An important point to remember when working with plaster cloth as in with paper mache is that you over lap all the pieces. This will create a strong shell. The rule of thumb is to overlap pieces by thirds. The new piece you put on overlaps a current piece by a third.

I covered the whole globe then let it dry overnight. Then I did a second layer.


Apply a second layer

Once that second layer dried I did a third and final layer of plaster cloth. But this time I used smaller pieces of the cloth and paid much more attention to making a smooth surface.


The plaster cloth has dried

I let that final coat dry and the globe looks fantastic.


NextWe are ready to start turning it into a world. (continue)



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