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How to Make a Wizard's Globe Part 5: Finishing it!

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the project by making the gimbals and assembling the gimbal, globe and stand together.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here (the beginning)



Make foam gimbals

Now we need to make the gimbals. There are two of them. One fits inside the other then the globe goes inside that.

I started with foam board so I could measure, cut and try several different sizes.







Trace and cut out gimbals

I then traced those onto plywood and cut them out. There are two gimbals and the outer frame.








Use anchors

Now we need to mount the globe to the inner gimbal. We do this by installing wall mounts into the globe at the north and south pole.









Install anchors

Like this. The wall mount is screwed all the way down. There is a bar on the inside that pulls it all tight and holds it into the globe. These mounts were made for sheetrock (drywall) buit work quite well on our wall made of plaster cloth.







Here is how these toggle bolts work. The first picture here shows the plaster cloth globe. The toggle bolt has been drilled into it.


Diagram of the anchor


Now this picture shows how it locks. We insert the threaded rod. It pushes the toggle bolt out to a ninety degree angle then pulls it up. As you thread the rod it continues to pull up until it is tight against the plaster cloth.


How the anchor works



Install threaded rod

Now I put the globe into the gimbal and then used threaded rod at each pole to go through the gimbal and into the toggle bolt in the globe.







Let's take a look at how these gimbals are bolted together in order to give us the wonderful 3d motion.

We just looked at bolting the globe to the inner gimbal. This is shown by the orange line . There is also one on the other pole of the globe. We can't see it in the picture.

Next we bolt that inner gimbal to the next outer gimbal. This is shown by the green lines.

Then finally we bolt that gimbal to the outer frame ring. This is shown by the yellow line.

How the gimbals are installed


Test the gimbalsNow we can move those rings, spin the globe and move it into any orientation we want. If you want to see this in action be sure to check out my youtube video.







Paint it

Now it just needs to be painted. And I also added some white and gold lines on the rings that make it look like a scientific instrument.






And that's it! The Wizard's Globe is complete.

The finished wizards sphere


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