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Make a Wizard's Pipe - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we paint the pipe and we do a neat little technique called dry-brushing.

part 1 of this tutorial is here



Prime the pipe

Prime the whole pipe with white paint.







Mix paints


Now we are going to paint the pipe brown. But a typical brown is a bit dark for our liking so we mixed in a few drops of orange.







Paint the pipe

Now go ahead and paint the whole pipe that new brown color. Look how rich it looks and a lot more like wood. The orange really made a difference.







Dry brushingNow we are going to add a nice little detail to the pipe. We do something called dry brushing. lighten up your brown with white paint (arrow on the right). Dip your brush in it then brush most of the paint off the brush by brushing on something (arrow on the left).

Now the brush is pretty dry. It only has a little paint on it.





Lightly brush on the paint


Now you can lightly brush over the pipe and it only leaves a little bit of the lighter color on the pipe. And it looks like realistic wood.






Add details

This is optional but now you can add some ornamental details to the pipe if you want. We used a gold paint pen.







Next Ok, the pipe is done. Let's make a stand for it.




16" Long Lion Head Design Churchwarden Tobacco Pipe with Gift Box





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