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How to Make a Wizard's Table - Part 2 (Assembling it)

In this part of the tutorial we put together the table.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Let's assemble it

Assemble the basic structure

So, we made the four legs and cut out the base and top. The top being made of two pieces glued together. Now we glue those six pieces together with the liquid nails.





Add a drop skirt

Now we want to put a drop skirt all the way around the table. And it doesn't go straight down. It actually leans in a little bit.





NOte the cut angle

So we cut one edge of the drop leaf like this. Then when glued into place it leans in toward the center of the table.

We did this all the way around, on all four sides.






Add the feet

Next we flipped it over, made feet and glued them on . They are simply squares of foam that were sanded and rasped round.






Those drops are way too plain so we marked out a nice new shape on them and cut that shape out. This makes a big difference. It looks a lot more like furniture after this is cut out.

Mark the cut out in the drop leaf Cut out the ornament in the drop leaf


Next we sculpted those square legs to make the round columns. A hacksaw blade and a wood rasp really worked well on this part.

trim legs The legs



The table looks good

Ok! This is what we have. Looks like a table!!!








Prime the table

Next it was primed with white paint.


NextLet's finish the table by adding the design work and the table top surface






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