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How to Make Gandalf's Staff - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we carve out and shape the head of the staff.

Part 1 of this tutorial including video is here.



Cut out the details

Now cut out all the various detail work.

The details are cut

It will look like this. Do all three of these pieces.

Bevel the edges

Now go ahead and do the carving with a sharp knife tho shape all of those branches into a rounded shape.

Use emory board to shape

You can use small files, small pieces of sand paper and pieces of emory board to reach into the gaps in order to round things out.

Side view of the trimming

Now we are going to curve down the top front of the pieces. Mark them along the side like this.

Trim with a knife

Now carve down that top part so it has a nice curve.

Side view

And carve the underside of it too so it parallels and thins out that top curve.

Carving is done

Here is a look at it after I have done the carving. This is what you are shooting for on all three of the pieces.

Glue the pieces together

Now glue all three of those pieces together.

How the glued edge looks

NextOkay! Let's continue with the tutorial