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How to Make Gandalf's Staff - Part 3


In this part of the tutorial we attach the ornament to the staff and I show you one way to add a collar to the staff which extends the ornamental work.

Part 1 of this tutorial including video is here.


Fit it to the staff

Now glue that ornamental piece to the end of your wooden staff.

And reinforce it with plenty of glue so it is nice and strong.

Let's extend out some of the ornamental work onto the actual wooden staff. We can do this a couple of different ways.


GLue on the pieces


One way to do this with foam is to add about six inches of foam wrapped around the wooden staff like this. Gluing it on.

Sand the pieces using a dowel

We can make two nicely fitting pieces of foam by wrapping the staff with emory paper then sanding foam pieces on it. This way they a channel is custom cut in the foam.

Mark the foam for trimming

Mark the collar how you would like to carve it. I will show you my recommended shape in the next part (using apoxie sculpt).

Trim the foam

Now you can carve down the collar to the shape you want.




Apoxie sculpt

I use a two part epoxy resin called Epoxie Sculpt. This is a neat product like clay that you can form and shape. It will harden in a few hours. And you can still work it with tools and sandpaper. (Apoxie Sculpt 1 Lb. White )

NextOkay! Let's continue with the tutorial



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