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How to make a Knights Gauntlets out of Foam -
Part 3: Painting and sealing


In this part of the tutorial we paint and seal the pieces.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here (there is also a video on that page)



Mod podge

Before assembling the gauntlet we want to strengthen it. We do that by applying some kind of a coating to it. Mod Podge is perfect for this. But you do have options. Some kind of an acrylic sealant will work well. But... you can also use plain old white glue. Mix white glue 50/50 with water and you can brush that on instead of mod podge.





Brush on the mod podge

Just brush the mod podge right on in a reasonably even coat. And flip the pieces over and do the other side too. This will seal it and strengthen it all.






There you go! All the pieces of one hand are mod podged and drying.







Seal and tape

Ok! Once that has dried we can paint them. Tape all the pieces down to some cardboard. And keep them in the hand configuration so you don't get confused as to which piece is which. And if you have some kind of a spray sealant you can seal them at this point. This is just to further strengthen them.

NOTE: It is important to tape these pieces down if you are spray painting them because otherwise they will literally be blown away by the spraying!


Paint the piecesNow go right ahead and paintin them all up! You can use latex spray on paint, or even a product called Plasti-dip which will give it all a really wonderful coat. If you don't have spray paint that is ok! Paint them with acrylic paint and brushes.

Let it dry and spray paint a second coat if you want. The more coats the better the gauntlets.





Flip and paint other side

Ok! Once all the paint is dry we want to paint the other side too. Make railings from newspaper like you see here. Kind of like big straws. Flip the pieces over and tape them to the straws you made. This is so they keep their shape.







Paint chrome

For one gauntlet I really wanted that silver metallic look like it was polished steel so I painted the parts with another coat of paint. I used chrome paint. Wow, it really comes out good. It's the kind of paint people use to touch up automobile work.

After all the painting was completely done and dry I went ahead and used a sealing spray on it all.

The thing about the gauntlets is that the more layers of paint the better it will be so go crazy and have fun with it. The layers of paint stiffen it up nicely and make it very firm.



NextOkay, now the part we have been waiting for! Let's put the pieces together - continue


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