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How to make a Knights Gauntlets out of Foam -
Part 4: Assembly


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the gauntlets by assembling them. This is fun and easy and it will not take long. I also give you some tips.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here (there is also a video on that page)


Assembling the Gauntlets

I use a hot glue gun for this but you can use regular white glue (PVA). But the hot glue gun is quicker and easier. You just need to let it sit between pieces for the white glue to take hold.

There is an easy but definite sequence to follow when attaching the parts to the gloves. Start at the finger tips and work you way all the way down the hand to the wrist.

Using a dowel

Either put one of the gloves on and work with it that way or you can stuff the glove with something so you have both hands free to attach the pieces.

This picture shows the dowel we used. You just insert it into the glove and into one of the fingers then you can work on that finger.




Ok, apply a liberal amount of hot glue to the underside of the finger piece then press it down onto the glove. Looks good.







The second segment

Then apply the second segment like this. See how it overlaps the first segment just a little bit. Once the glue hardens you can put your hand in there and flex it to see how it flexes.





The third segment

Repeat this with the third segment. It overlaps the second just a little bit too. And repeat this finger process for all the other fingers and the thumb.





The Knuckles

the knuckles


A very similar thing applies with the knuckles. They over lap the third segment on the fingers. Test them for easy and smooth flexing.





And you have a choice of where to put the hot glue. You can either put the hot glue at "X" so the knuckle is glued to the glove. Or you can put the hot glue at "Y" so the knuckle is attached to the finger segment. Just don't glue both or the knuckle won't flex correctly.





Installing the back of the hand

Now attach the back of the hand piece to the glove. Put it so it goes over the knuckle pieces a little bit like this. Glue it to the glove but don't glue it to that knuckle.






The back of  hand in place

It looks great!








knuckle configuration

Note! If you did glue the knuckle pieces to the finger pieces (Glued at the X) then you wil want to put the back of the hand under those knuckle pieces. That way there is free flexing motion at "Y".






Glue wrist piece on

Now glue the wrist piece to the back of the hand piece and you are done! The gauntlet is assembled.







Add some detail

Now you can add any little detail or ornament work that you like. I drew a simple shield on paper, cut it out and glued it to the gauntlet like this.








And that's it. Your guantlet is done!

The completed gauntlet




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