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Make Katarina's Dagger - Part 4


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the sword by painting it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Mod podge

Before painting it seal it with Mod Podge if you have any! This will seal it, preserve it and keep the colors sharp.









You just need two colors. Start with the silver. Paint the pommel, the guard and the blade silver. If you don't have silver you can use a light grey.

Paint this silver


Where to paint black

And finish the painting with black. Paint the pommel and around the ornaments black.










Paint the details

The black details on the ornamental work can be a bit tricky particularly if you didn't cut out ornaments. But use a small brush and take your time. Have fun with it.









That's It! You can completed Katarina's Daggers from League of Legends.

Katarina's sword is done





Make FrostMourne from World of Warcraft

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The dragonbone sword

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