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How to Make Medieval stone walls out of foam Part 2: Carving the stonework


In this part of the tutorial we carve the stone work in the foam.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Let's start carving the stone work. You need a nice sharp knife for this. I use an X-acto knife and I replace the blades often.











We are going to cut a v-shaped notch around all those blocks.









Step one: Do a straight down cut along the line. Go approximately half way deep into the foam.











Then do a second cut at a 45 degree angle approximately meeting the bottom of the first cut. You don't have to be exact with this. Roughly cut is good. It will look more like hand-hewn stone work.









Do a third cut at a 45 degree angle on the other side of the line. Roughly meeting the straight cut at the bottom.










Now you can remove the piece. It looks great. Go ahead and do this around all the stone lines.

Don't worry about it being perfectly straight. Hand cuts look great when a little bit off. This gives it an authentic stone look.









When carving across more than one piece you should put those pieces together then carve the grooves right across them.












Now you can carve seamless notches across the foam sheets.


NextOk, Let's shape out the stones (continue)









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