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How to carve medieval stone walls Part 3: Shaping the stones


In this part of the tutorial we shape and age the stone work on the wall.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Ok! All the channels are carved. Let's age it and shape it some more before painting it all.









Now use your knife to knock off some of the corners of the stones, and pluck out some imperfections. This is a random thing. Have fun with it. For the most part you want to round out a lot of the corners and knock down some of the edges. Also do a little bit of work in the central portions of the stones not just alng the edges. This picture show me carving out a little bit in the center of a stone.






Here is another picture to show you more of the aging that you can do.









You can also go over things and areas with sand paper. This will add to the aging and soften up some of those cuts.









And give a quick go-over the whole surface with some sand paper. This will soften it up and make it less harsh and flat. Do some parts lightly and in some parts you can sand deeper.








Okay! All the carving work and shaping work is done! Let's paint it!




Storm The Castle Diorama Another Pink Foam Project

This is not quite the size of a stone wall but it has tiny stone walls! See how to make a castle out of this pink foam. Storm The Castle Diorama







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