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How to Make Medieval Stone Walls out of foam Part 4: Painting it


In this part of the tutorial we paint the stones.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


This is an optional step but if you want to add more character and aging to your stone work you can just touch it a bit in places very lightly with a spray paint. The color doesn't matter. This is a very light spraying in random areas. What it will do is eat away at the foam!

Don't use a latex spray paint because they don't eat foam. The regular spray paint should work fine.






This picture shows the spray paint bubbling and eating away at the foam.









Let's start the actual painting with black paint. Do all of the cracks between the stones first. Get the black paint deep down in there. No pink should show in those cracks. That ruins the stone effect. And use a smaller brush to go over the cracks as you paint them to clean up excessive pooling of paint in there.








Also paint black any deep gouges you made in the stone work like you see here with the paintbrush on the left.










Once all the cracks are done you can go ahead and paint it all black.









Now let's paint it gray. And we are doing a process called Dry Brushing. We aren't just painting the grey on! Look at the stones in this picture. They have been dry brushed grey. Some of the black still shows through which is exactly what we want.

Dry Brushing

We dry brush by dipping our paint brush in the paint then, as in the picture, wiping most of the paint off the brush.






Then dab even more of the paint off the brush on some kind of scrap like you see here. The brush now has very little grey on it.









Then we lightly wipe over the stones with this dry brush. See how it leaves a good amount of grey but it doens't just paint over the black. We can see black underneath. Consider this to be painting grey that is at about 80 percent of the surface area.









It looks great!!! Don't worry about getting grey into the crevices between the stones. It looks great when they stay black.








Now we are going to do one more step to finish off the painting. We now dry brush a lighter shade of grey.

Add white paint to your grey. Make it about a 50/50 mix.

And follow the same process. Wipe off the excess paint then dab off more paint until the brush in pretty dry.







And then lightly dry brush over the stone work with this new lighter color. Consider this to be covering about 10 percent of the surface area.

And that's it! You are done!!








The completed foam wall





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