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How to Make Paper Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we finish the making of the paper! That was pretty easy wasn't it!

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Place on paper

Place it on an absorbent surface like felt or paper towels. And gently lift the screen off the paper, leaving it on the paper towel.

Put blotter on top

Cover it with some kind of absorbent material. It can be felt or paper towels.

Pad it dry

Continue to pad the paper dry. Replace the paper towels if needed. At this point you just want to get most of the water out of it.

Between felt layers

Now I put the paper between two sheets of felt. Use felt if you have it. Otherwise a couple of layers of paper towel is quite ok.

Press under books

Place some books on it and press down very firmly. Then go ahead and place more books/weights on it. And let it set overnight to dry.

That's it! Once your paper is dry it is done! Congratulations!!!


NextWant to learn some more techniques? Continue on to the intermediate techniques including dipping and molding paper.


Origami Gift Boxes

Make an Origami Gift Box

Nice beginner project on how to make a Japanese Origami Gift box. All you need is eight squares of paper. I have a video tutorial that shows you step by step how to make these great looking gift boxes. How to make an Origami Gift Box


Make a Wax seal stamper:

Yes, make your very own wax stamper with a coat of arms, family crest or just your initials. I made a gauntlet holding a sword. Fun little medieval project. We don't write letters much but if you do send a correspondence it would be fun to officially wax seal it like this! Make a wax seal stamper.

Wax seal stamper


Plastic dice

How to Make Plastic This is a terrific project that is very easy to do. You can make plastic with milk and vinegar. Sculpt it, mold it and do anything with it. You are limited only by your creativity. In the example I make a pair of dice for wargaming and board games. How to Make Plastic


You shall not pass tatebanko (Paper Diorama)

You shall not pass tatebanko, this is with Gandalf and the Balrog on the Bridge. This project also has a bonus little section on the back.


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