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How to Make Saruman's Staff Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we use another method to make the glass sphere. We use Sculpey oven baked clay.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Ok, Let's make another Glass Sphere. Except this time we will make it out of the Premo Sculpey Translucent. You can also use this technique if you are going to use some kind of air hardening clay. You just won't have to bake it!


Aluminum foil ball

Crumple up aluminum foil into a tight ball about a half inch smaller than the template ball guide.










A piece of premo

Tear off a piece of premo and work it with your hands. It is very stiff to start but it will soften as you work it with your hands. Roll it into a ball like this. This is approximately half the size of your aluminum foil ball.








Roll out the premo

Now use some kind of a cylindrical object to roll it out as if you were rolling out a pie crust.










Cover the ball with premo

Now cover the aluminum ball with your pancake! And wrap it around the whole ball. Work it until the whole ball is covered.









The ball

It looks good. Let's bake it!!










Bake it in the oven

The Premo comes with instructions. You bake it at 275 degrees fahrenheit for 30 minutes for every quarter inch of thickness. We rolled out a pancake about a quarter inch so we bake it for half an hour.







It is baked

Ok! The baking is done.

NextLet's continue with the tutorial and make the staff!!







Gandalf's staffHow to Make Gandalf's Staff

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