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How to Make a Captain America Shield


This is a tutorial on how to make a great looking Captain America shield. It is pretty easy. The painting can be tricky but I show you some neat tricks to get the ring and the star looking perfect.

I also have a video tutorial on how to make this project at the bottom of this page.


Here is a look at the completed shield that we make in this tutorial. Really not too difficult. You can have this done in a jiffy!

The completed Captain America Shield



The back of the shield

And we put a handle in the back of the shield so you can hold it.







The captain america shield

Can you make this Captain America Shield? You sure can! Here is one made by Alexander. It came out fantastic. And my thanks go to him for sharing the picture with us!!!








Selecting a shield

You do have a lot of options when it comes to what you can use to make the shield. I have used a snow sled called a flexible flyer. They only cost a few dollars. The Flexible Flyer company also makes round sleds like this that are metal. That would also be a great choice. I have links to some of these on amazon at the bottom of this page.

You can also make one out of foamboard or cardboard. It will be flat but still good. Or you can get creative and use the plastic cover from a barrel. Lots of ways you can improvise a shield.


Make the handleMake the Handle

First let's take a look at making the handle and the materials you will need.

Use any kind of rope you can find to make a handle like shown in the picture by wrapping it with tape. Be sure to have a small loop on each end for the bolts to pass through.

You will need two bolts, two nuts, and four washers. The bolts can be anywhere from one inch to two inches long. I used 1/4 - 20 bolts and nuts.


Mount the handle

Mount the handle into the inside of the shield like shown in the picture.

Have the long stems of the bolt on the inside this way the front of the shield doesn't have the bolts sticking out.




Cut off the edge

If you are using the Flexible Flyer like I am you might want to trim the outer ring off it. It just makes it look much better. I used a utility knife.







Let's Paint it!

Mark circles One of the things that makes the shield look so good is the crisp lines between the colors. Push a pin into the center of the shield and use this for a string. Use that string and a marker to draw three circles on the shield as shown.

If you are having trouble understanding this you can watch the video at the bottom of this page. It shows how to do it.





Draw the star

Now let's make the star in the center of the shield.

Wrap a string around that inner circle and cut it to that length. The string is now the same length of the circumference of the circle. Cut that string into five even pieces.






Divide into fifths

Use one of those pieces of string to mark five points around the circle. These five points are the points of your star.








Draw the star

Now use a ruler to draw lines between those five points, forming a star.








Painting the shieldOkay, paint it! Start with the star then move onto the blue and paint each color ring one at a time. I had to do two coats of the colors so it would look nice and crisp. And once the colors were all dry I spray sealed it all with a crystal clear sealant. This preserves it and gives it a nice shine.

I waited for each ring to dry before I started the next one. You might want to do that too. It will prevent smudges and minimize mistakes. I also used a fan to help each ring dry much quicker.



The shield is done

Your shield is finished! Congratulations!









Hammer of Thor

Make the Hammer of THOR

This is an easy project to make with just foam and a broomstick. Comes out great. Make the Hammer of THOR



Here is the Video Tutorial on how to make this project:




Flying saucer sleds

626 Flying Saucer Snow Sled




Flexible flyer saucer

Flexible Flyer Steel Saucer



Options to Buy the Shield


Captain america shieldCaptain America Shield Costume,Diameter: 12.75"

This Child Captain America shield looks just like the one used by your favorite American hero! 12 3/4 inches in diameter and 2 1/2 inches deep.




Captain america shieldMarvel Captain America Disc Launching Shield

Built especially for the Allies' own super soldier, this indestructible shield became a symbol of strength for people around the world. In the hands of Captain America, it is a powerful weapon. Now you've got the chance to wield the shield of the most skilled fighter in the world. Make crime-fighting action come alive with this Disc Launching Shield. When enemies appear and it's up to you to defeat them, wield your shield to protect yourself from their advances. Just when they think they've got you cornered, use your shield to launch your five discs up to 20 feet to take out their forces. With your power and this shield, there's just no stopping you. The electronic shield, modeled after the one wielded by your favorite crime-fighter, launches discs up to 20 feet. The shield comes with 5 discs. It requires 4 AA batteries.


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