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How to Make the Iron Man Helmet Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish the Iron Man helmet project. If you need to go back to the start the tutorial begins here: Iron Man Helmet Page 1


Paper Mache the helmet

Ok, once you have the template pieces all in place very nicely and it is all taped down nicely you can go ahead and apply another layer of paper mache. Take your time with this layer. You want it to be nice and smooth like metal. You can't get it perfectly like metal but you can make it pretty smooth.

You should also do a layer of paper mache on the inside of the helmet. This will make it much stronger. And if you want to wear it a lot you really should make it stronger!

I recommend you let this whole layer dry and then do one more layer of paper mache over the whole thing!


Thick paper mache

Now we can do some really nice detail work on this helmet. Mix up a small batch of paper mache but make this batch pretty thick. Its almost like a paste. You can add this to the helmet as if it were clay and do some shaping of the lines and edges of the helmet. It makes nice crisp lines and edges.


Draw guidelines with pencil

Now let's paint this helmet! Draw lines on the helmet so you know where the paint changes from gold to red.


Mask it off for painting with painters tape

Mask off the face of the helmet with masking tape. I use painters tape because it is perfect for this. When you remove painters tape it won't damage the paper mache.


Paint it red

I spray painted the helmet Cherry Red. Note that if you use brush on paint you really don't have to use the masking tape.


Paint the gold face section

Now let's paint the gold face section. I removed all the blue tape from the face and taped off the red section. Once of course the red was dry. Now I could go ahead and spray paint the gold face section.

Once all of this is dry we can go ahead and spray paint a fixative sealant on it. (optional) But the sealant gives it a shiny metallic feeling. Much nicer.


Add details with marker

Now we can finish off the helmet by adding the details. You can use black paint or a black marker like I am using. Draw a black line on the helmet right at the border where the gold meets the red. And draw in the lines for the eyes and the visor.


The Iron Man Helmet


Use this picture to see how you draw or paint on the black lines. Don't forget to add some white at the eye slots. And your helmet is done! Congratulations!


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