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How to Make the Resident Evil Kukri Blades - Part 3: Painting it

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the kukri by painting it and doing the detail work.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here



Let's Paint it


Paint the handle black

Paint the handle black.








Add silver

Add some silver to your black paint to lighten it up a little bit. If you don't have silver you can use grey.







Paint blade

And paint the blade that new, lighter shade of black.








Dry rushing

Now let's condition that blade so it looks real. We do this with a technique called dry-brushing. Get some silver paint on your brush then wipe and dab most of it off! Get so there is very little paint on the brush. The brush is almost dry.






Dry brushing

Now very lightly brush over the blade of the kukri. Only small amounts of silver paint will be applied and it will be very sparse. This is perfect. Keep at it and practice it if need be. This will give a really good look.







Add cutting edge

Next add the cutting edge with silver paint.






Paint pommel

Don't forget to paint the pommel silver.









Add hot glue jewels

Here is a neat little trick. Put hot glue in those ornament handle holes. It will look like jewels or gems.








Paint jewels


Then paint them gold.









If you are making the shuriken you can put hot glue in that center hole. It looks really good and it adds some weight to it. Then paint it silver.


Add jewel to shurikenPaint shuriken


Mod Podge

Finish it all off by applying some kind of sealant. If you have it.






And that's it! You have made the Resident Evil Zombie killing Kukri!

The kukris are done


Make a Witcher 3 Sword with Glowing Runes

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Saw cleaver

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