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Make the Skyrim Greatsword - part 3

In this part of the tutorial we continue cutting the template and making the various parts of the sword.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here.



The blade template

Now we follow the same process with the blade end of the sword. In the template cut out parts A, B and C. Once again not yet cutting on the dotted lines.







And tape those pieces together like this.

Tape blade template together


Trace onto foamboardNow do the same thing as you did with the handle template.

Place the template on foam board and trace it.

Then cut off a two inch piece at the dotted line and trace a second time.

Cut off another two inch piece and trace a third time.

You end up with three pieces like this.



Assemble blade pieces like this

Cut those three pieces out and glue them together like this.







Glue the two halves together

Now you have two halves of the sword. Glue them together one half to the other.







Looks good. This is a large sword and gluing it in two different sections like this make it very strong.

Glued together 


The sword looks good


NextOkay! Let's continue with the tutorial



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