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Make the Skyrim Greatsword - part 6

In this part of the tutorial we finish the sword by adding the wrapping and the lacing to the handle and the ricasso.

Part 1 (the beginning) of this tutorial is here



The wrapping on the sword can be any number of materials including vinyl, leather, or cloth. If you don't have any of these materials you can just go ahead and paint the handle and the Ricasso brown.

Trim vinyl for the handle

I am using adhesive backed vinyl. So I cut myself a piece that is about the right size.







Here is the exact vinyl that I bought on Amazon:

12" x 10 ft Roll of Matte Oracal 631 Brown Repositionable Adhesive-Backed Vinyl for Craft Cutters, Punches and Vinyl Sign Cutters by VinylXSticker



Wrap the handle in vinyl

Wrap the handle, removing the plastic backing from the vinyl as you wrap it. It has adhesive on it so it sticks as you wrap it.








Wrap the ricasso

And do the same thing on the Ricasso.








The handle has a nice detail on it.

Add details to handle

These are easy. YOu cut three strips of foamboard about 1/4 inch wide. And then cut those strips in half, right through the foam. This cutting reduces the thickness. Now you have three thin strips. Glue them onto the handle like you see in the picture.

Paint these pieces silver.






Now lets' finish off the sword by adding the ornamental stitching to the handle and ricasso.


Showing the stitching


There are many different ways you can do this. And the fastest way would be to just paint the stitching on.


Puncture holes

I used a tool to pierce a series of holes in the handle.









Stitch the holes

Then I used a waxed leather working thread to thread through all the holes in an X pattern.









The stitching

Looks good.







Use shoelace

I did the same thing with the ricasso stitching except I made the holes a little larger and used a brown shoelace.







Your Steel Greatsword is done! Congratulations. If you make one, send me a picture and I will email you a certificate of contribution.

The completed greatsword


The skyrim iron helmet

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