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How to Make the Skyrim Steel Sword - Part 3

In this part of the tutorial we complete the building stage.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Glue the guards on

Glue those guards on. One on each side of the sword, of course.







Fold the pommel into shape

And the pommel is folded like this around the sword.








Glue the pommel on

So, glue one side of the pommel onto the end of the sword, wrap it around and complete the gluing of it.









Let's Paint it

Painting it

Paint the blade, the guard, and the pommel black. And get the black paint deep into the designs.









Dry brush technique

Now, to get that nice steel look we are going to do something called "dry brushing". Get some silver paint on your brush then wipe most of it off on a piece of scrap paper. And I mean most of it! The brush should have very little paint on it.







Dry brushing

Now lightly and quickly brush back and forth over the surface of the sword. Only a little bit of paint is deposited. Continue this process of dipping brush in silver, wiping it off and then brushing lightly on the sword.

You will quickly get a feel for how it is done.

And note that an important part of this process is the layer of black paint you had done.

You can watch me doing this technique in the video on the first page of this tutorial.




Continue dry brushing

It is coming along good.










Dry brush the guard and the pommel too. And I went ahead and did it very thick on the pommel. It is almost painted as normally painted.

The silver looks good  Paint the pommel


Now let's paint that handle. I made a custom color for this. Mix together brown and red. About 4 parts brown and 1 part red. It gives us a really nice handle color that is similar to that in the game.


Mix the paint    

Paint the handle


And that's It! Your skyrim steel sword is complete.


The Steel Sword is done



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