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Make the KeyBlade from Kingdom Hearts


This is a tutorial on how to make a nice looking Kingdom Hearts KeyBlade. Easy to do and a lot of fun. You just need a few basic supplies like a tube of cardboard (wrapping paper tube) and a sheet of cardboard or foam board.

Here is the template: Keyblade Template

I also have a video tutorial at the bottom of this page showing how to make this project.




Here is the completed project

The keyblade


Cut out the template

Print up the template located here and cut out the parts.

There are only three parts. One of them is the key that goes on the left as in the picture. The other two parts are taped together to make one of the handle pieces.


Tape the pieces together

This is how the two parts of the handle pieces tape together.



Cardboard tube

Now for the actual length of the keyblade I used the tube from a roll of wrapping paper.


Stuff the tube

Stuff the tube full of wrapping paper or newspaper. This is for strength. Make sure to stuff the whole thing nice and tight from end to end.


Glue the key on

Glue the key onto one end of the tube. Put it rigth up against the end. This goes really well if you use hot glue. Run a bead then glue it on. Once it hardens then add lots more hot glue along the edges. You want it to be nice and strong.


GLue on handle pieces

Then at the other end glue on the handle pieces. Make them on opposite sides nice and strong.


Now there are some great looking little pieces that you can add to this. I will show you this and a nice little technique for making them. There are five collars that you put on.

extra pieces

And these are just a matter of curving strips of foamboard around.



Glue on extra pieces

Here is a look at placing one of these collars on.


Peel off top layer

Cut a piece of foam board to about the right size and then peel off the top layer of paper. This works with cardboard too. You don't have to be meticulous about peeling all the paper. Just remove a lot of it.


Score lines in the foam board

Then use a knife to score lots of parallel lines in it.


Curve the foam board

Now it can easily be curved.




Make the Zelda Sword -Ocarina of Time

Fun project that you can make with just a single sheet of foam board. Or you can use cardboard. I have a complete template that you can download, print up and put together. Make the Zelda Sword


Make a Daedric Sword from Skyrim

Fun and easy project. All you need is a single sheet of foamboard. I have the template you just download and print out. How to make the Daedric Sword


Zelda Hylian Shield

Make the Zelda Hylian Shield

The zelda sword was a big success so I figured I would do the shield too. Pretty easy project, just need a couple of sheets of cardboard and some paint. Make the Zelda Hylian Shield



Anime Link's Twilight Princess Master Sword w/ Scabbard

Anime Link's Twilight Princess Master Sword w/ Scabbard

Link's Great Fairy Sword Legend of Zelda with Plaque. The blade of the sword has been constructed from 440 Stainless Steel. The blade comes unsharpened. The guard of the sword is solid blue polycarbonate with a thick quillon, winged arms, and trademark yellow diamond.


Official Zelda Shield

Full Size Link Hylian Zelda Shield with Grip & Handle

Overall Length: 25" Overall Width: 19" Leather Wrapped Back Handle Stainless Steel with Paint Finish & raised ornamental shield adornments.

  • It can be mounted on the wall, worn on your arm while wall mounted for the ultimate SHIELD display



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