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Ludus Latrunculorum Rules


This is a very easy game to learn how to play. There are just a few rules and all the pieces move the same.

Here's the rules page for our Ludus Latrunculorum tutorial!


Ludus Latrunculorum starting set up

The game is played on a 12 by 8 board. Each player has 13 pieces, 12 regular pieces and the dux.


Vertical movement across ranks

Each piece can move either horizontally or vertically if it is unobstructed by another piece. These pieces function like the rook in chess. Also, repeating moves is not allowed. If a piece lands in the same position 3 times you must make a different move.


Horizontal movement across files

Horizontal Capture

A piece is captured by placing two pieces adjacent vertically or horizontally from each other next to your opponents piece.


Vertical Capture

Corner Capture

Captures can also be made in a corner by placing two pieces of the two squares adjacent to the corner square.

Opponent voluntarily moving a piece between two others

However, if an opponent voluntarily moves between two of your pieces it is not captured. A capture can only be made during your turn.


Dux immobilized by surrounding opponent

In order to win you must immobilize the dux. Also, if there is not enough pieces to finish the game, the opponent with the most pieces wins. The dux cannot be captured like the other pieces. To immobilize it, you must surround it on all sides. However, unlike a capture this can be done in almost anyway as long as the dux has no possible moves. You can utilize any side of the board and even your opponents pieces when immobilizing the dux.


Dux immobilized using the side of the board


Dux immobilized in corner

Dux immobilized using opponents pieces

That completes the rules. Time to start playing!



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