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Make a Chef's Knife to the Head

In this tutorial we make a chef's knife to the head. Fun little project and really easy to do . You just need a few very basic materials. And I give you the template so you can get the shape of the knife just right.

Here is the template

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.


The completed project. Hey if you have hair it will look better! The band will be hidden by your hair.

Knife to the head




If you want to make the cleaver to the head that tutorial is right here


Materials Needed

  • The template
  • 1 piece of foamboard
  • Black and silver paint
  • Spray on sealant (optional but nice)
  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 hair band


Cut out the template pieces

Print up the template and cut out the chef's knife pieces. There are four of them.


Trace template pieces onto foam board

Tape a handle piece to the blade piece like this and trace around it all on foamboard.


Also trace the two remaining handle pieces onto your foamboard. Then cut all three of these pieces out.


Cut out the pieces


Cut the bevels

Cut the ends of the handle pieces at a 45 degree angle. This will give the handle a nice look. Just cut the end near the blade of the knife. Not the butt end.


how the angle looks

This is how your 45 degree angle cut on the handle pieces should look.

This isn't an actual handle piece. This is just so you see what I mean by cutting the end of the piece at an angle.


GLue handle together

Now glue those handle pieces onto the knife handle. One on each side.


Rouind handle

To give the handle a nice look you can use a knife to round off all the edges like this.


Mod podge it

If you have Mod Podge go right ahead and seal the knife with it.


Mask with paper

With a piece of paper mask about an inch down on the handle and then paint that one inch area and the blade silver. Silver spray paint looks the best if you have that option.


Paint handle black

Now paint the handle black.


Glue the end

Put hot glue on the end of the knife and glue it to a small piece of felt or cloth like this. It will protect your head from the scratchiness of the knife.


Add glue

Add more hot glue to get it nice and secured. And add blood splatter to the blade. More is better for this. It will all be painted as blood.


Add fake blood

Now paint all that glue red! And trim the cloth with scissors if you think it needs it.


Head band

Glue a string to each end of the headband. This is so you can tie it under your chin like a chin strap. This will keep it from slipping or falling off your head.

If your headband has a cloth cover on it you might consider cutting it off.

Connect knife to headband

Finish it off by gluing the knife to the headband like this. Use plenty of hot glue. You can always paint that hot glue red! Congratulations you now have a knife in the head prop.




If you want to make the cleaver to the head that tutorial is right here




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