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Make a Curved Elven Shield part 2 (curving it)


In this part of the tutorial we curve the shield.

Part 1 of this tutorial (the beginning) is here.



Lay the shield down

Lay the shield down on a flat surface and tape it down with a single strip of tape right down the middle. Tape it down.






pin it down

And then pin it down near the ends. Pin it securely. Use push pins, small nails or even screws.






wet it with water and a brush

Now wet it with water and a brush. Use a liberal amount of water. If you don't have a big brush like this that is ok. You can use a rag or cloth to wet it.





Now just let it dry. It will probably take a couple of hours. But you will notice it slowly starting to curl. Leaving it overnight is quite ok.


It looks pretty good

There you go. It looks pretty good. If you are happy with the curve you can take out the pins and we can move on. If you want more curve you can go ahead and wet it again. But not a heavy wet. Do a lighter wetting and then let it sit over night. Two wets is the most you can do. I tried a third wet and it didnt improve the curve at all. There is only so much curve you can get out of the paper.



trace it twice onto foamboard

Let's make the handles. Cut out part number five from the template and trace it twice onto foamboard. Cut those two pieces out.






Cut out the remaining template piece

Cut out the remaining template piece and trace one of it on foamboard. Go ahead and cut that foamboard piece out.







glue that tear drop shape onto the shield

Now glue that tear drop shape onto the shield like this. When a shield has an extra strengthening piece in its center that piece is called a "Boss".







prepare the handles

Let's prepare the handles before we glue them on.









Pierce a hole

Pierce a hole right through the taped section on each handle.








glue the handles into the shield

Now we are going to glue the handles into the shield. But because the shield is curved we don't just apply glue to the handles anywhere. Apply glue to the areas where the blue lines are. These are the areas that actually make contact with the curved shield.








apply the glue

Go ahead and apply the glue and glue those handles in. Then apply more glue to make them nice and strong.

NextContinue, lets finish it






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