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How to Make a Daedric Bow - and Arrow! Continued


In this part of the tutorial we build the bow by gluing the layers together.


Part 1 (The beginning) of this tutorial is here



The four bow pieces

You now have four pieces that make up the bow. Let's glue them together.


Glue step 1

Lay one piece down like this.


How they overlap

Lay a second piece down on top of the first. Overlap the handle parts just like you see here. The blue lines show you the over lap section.


Glue the second piece on

Here is a closeup look.


Glue the third piece on

Glue a third one on like this. You are alternating layers here. You probably see that already. Left, right and now left.


Gluethe last piece on

Ok, glue the fourth one on like this. Pointing to the right and the alternating pattern is done. And you bow is pretty much done.


Trim it clean

Now, the layers might be a little uneven. Clean it up with a sharp knife. Trim off any uneven parts and bits that stick out unevenly.


Sand the edges

On the whole bow you can sand all the sharp edges to round them out. It will make it look much more Daedric.


Sand in grooves

You can fold over some sand paper and use the fold to sand into corners and grooves.


wire wrap the handle

Now let's work on the handle. I used some wire, network cable. And glued it around the handle.

The handle details

Five wraps looks good. You can make your handle any way you want.



NextContinue with the tutorial and let's paint it!


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