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How to Make a Daedric Bow - and Arrow! Part 3: Painting


In this part of the tutorial we paint the bow.

Something to note if you are using foam board for your project. Some types of paints will actually eat the foam layer inside the board so you should test the paint first.

I am using a latex based spray paint called "H2O" made by Krylon. It doesn't eat away at the foam. This is something to be particularly concerned about when using spray paint. Most brush on acrylic paints are ok with the foamboard.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




First paint the whole bow black.


Then I misted it just a little bit with gold paint. This is totally optional. But it does add a little bit of depth and richness to the bow.


Add red highlights

Then I added different highlights of red.


Hand paint with a brush

Then I went ahead and did some painting and detail work by hand with a brush. Mostly red and a little bit of black. If you don't have spray paint you can do the whole thing with acrylic paints and a brush.


add the string

To add the bow string I pierced holes with a barbecue skewer.


This picture here shows where to pierce the holes and attach the string.

Daedric Bow and Arrow


NextOk, we are done with the bow. Let's make the arrow




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