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How to Make a Daedric Bow - and Arrow! Part 4: The Arrow


In this part of the tutorial we make the daedric arrow to go along with the bow.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here



the arrow tip

In the template I have the daedric arrow tip. Cut that out and use it to trace onto foamboard or cardboard. Cut that out. In the picture here you can see me pulling out a section of the arrow head. Adjust the size of that slot according to the size of the wooden dowel you are using for your arrow.


The feathers

Draw yourself some feathers like this on black paper or black cardboard. Cereal box cardboard is terrific for this. you can always paint it black. And I would add a bit of red to it.

Cut those feathers out. I only made two but you can do two, three or four.


Feather the feathers

Feather them up a bit like this.


Glue the tip on

Ok, glue the arrow head on.


Glue the feathers on

And glue the feathers on.


Paint the arrow

Paint the arrow black and you are all done! Yay!



Your bow and arrow are done!

Daedric Bow and Arrow


The Iron Helmet




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