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Make an Ice Knife - continued


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the knife and I also give you tips on how to do variations on the knife like adding color to the blade.

Part one of this tutorial is here



Tape the halves together

Now tape those two sheets of foam together.


Apply vaseline

Next apply a thick coat of vaseline in that whole reservoir. Get it good on all the foam and particularly covering the cracks where the two sheets of foam meet.

Don't forget to apply it to that part of the handle that is exposed in the reservoir. We don't want that foamboard getting soggy and leaking.

Don't put it on the dowel.


Pour the water

Ok! Put it in the freezer and pour water into it. Put it in the freezer first and then pour that way you don't walk around and spill it.

About the water. If you use regular tap water the dagger ice will be cloudy and white just like ice cubes. If you want a nice clear ice dagger that is crystal clear you should use distilled water. You can buy distilled water in any drugstore.

If you can't get distilled water you can still get clear ice by boiling bottled water, letting it cool then boiling it a second time and letting it cool. Keep it covered to avoid impurities. This will work too.


Remove the dagger

Once the ice has hardened you can separate those two pieces of foam and then gently slide the dagger right out.

Yay! You are done!

You can paint the handle but do it quick because the dagger will start melting quick.



add food coloring


If you want a colored blade you can do it by adding food coloring to it.


Here is a pinkish red one! Add more red drops!

The red dagger




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