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How to Make a Damascus Steel Knife out of Paper


Ok, technically it isn't Damascus steel because it isn't steel. But it does look like it. And all you need is a few supplies like construction paper and glue. And, it is a pretty strong knife.

If you want to make this exact shape knife the template is right here.

I also have a video tutorial for this project at the bottom of the page.





The Damascus steel knife



About Damascus steel: There really was a particular type of steel called "Damascus" steel. It came out of the Middle east a couple of hundred years ago. The process for making it has been lost though. It was recognizable for it's strength and resilience. And for its intricate patterning. Nowadays we don't actually make this kind of steel (we don't know how). But... we do make a kind of steel that is actually pattern welded. That is where you weld different types of steel together and twist them. It gives us a pattern much like Damascus steel. So, nowadays we call it Damascus. But it actually isn't.


Materials and tools for this project:

  • The Template
  • Construction paper, at least two colors (Black and White) More colors if you prefer
  • White Glue of any brand
  • Sandpaper
  • Paint for the handle (optional)
  • X-acto or other sharp knife for trimming and cutting
  • More optional stuff: Belt sander, Spray on gloss sealer


Let's Get Started!

Draw your knife

Draw out your knife in the exact shape that you want it. Just on any old plain piece of paper. Or you can print up my template.


Glue to cardboard

Cut out your knife shape and glue it to cereal box cardboard. And then cut that out. Now you have a template that you can use to make all the layers of your knife.


Trace the knife pattern

Now use the template to trace out a whole lot of knives! We made 45 of them. You can make as many as you like but 45 gave us the knife thickness we were looking for.

Some tips on what colors to use.

Well, that is totally up to you. But, if you want damascus looking then do 4 sheets of white to every one sheet of black. That will get you a nice damascus look. So,

And you would stack those like this: 4 white, 1 black, 4 white, 1 black, etc. Until all your pieces are stacked.


The various sheets

There you go. We started to lay out our colored pieces so you can get a look at it. We used five different colors.


Apply a thick layer of glue

Let's glue this knife together. Lay down your first piece and apply a thick even coat of white glue to it.


Squeeze out the excess glue

Put your next layer down right on top of that one. And use some kind of tool to press it down gently, and squeeze out the excess glue. You want to work from the center and squeeze/scrape most of the glue right out.

Then, put a thick coat of glue right on top of that new layer.


Repeat the glue process

Ok! Repeat the process. Put a new knife layer down right on top of that glue. And squeeze out all the glue with a tool. Apply a thick layer of glue on top and put a new layer. Repeat this process until all your layers are done.


NextOkay! Let's glue all this stuff together and make the knife! (Part 2)

The Video Tutorial:


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