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Make a Kris Dagger - continued

In this part of the tutorial we finish off the dagger by painting it.


A quick tip for adding detail. You can use a ball point pen or a blunted pencil to add indent lines and designs in foamboard. Press down firmly and draw lines. This isn't for the actual drawing lines it is for the indents you make. We will paint over this so the pencil graphite doesn't show up but the indents stay. I just did around the pommel and down the center of the blade. But you can add indent details anywhere on your knife.

Adding detail indents


My painting scheme is pretty simple. The blade is silver, the handle is black, and the guard/pommel are gold. I also added a little detail as a red gem on the pommel. I guess it's a ruby!

And let me show you a nice little trick when it comes to painting a gem like the ruby.

Apply the colored paint very thick. In this case I am using red paint. Then use a ball point pen to scrape away some of the paint. This will give it some nice jewel-like lines. It makes the jewel three dimensional.


And that's it! Your flame blade is complete. Be sure to send me a pic. I will put it on my website and email you a certificate of contribution.



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