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Make a Foam Board Knife that Looks Real Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish off the making of the knife by shaping and sanding the blade then painting and sealing it.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here.



Mark off the bevel

With a pencil mark off the bevel of the blade.

The template shows you how it is drawn.


Cut on the blade lines

Now cut along those lines. Just cutting through the top layer of the foam board.


Peel off the paper

Then peel the top layer of paper off. You don't have to get all the paper. The rest of it can be removed with sand paper. This part can be tricky. Take your time. Some foamboard is easy to remove the paper and some foamboard not so easy.

Smooth with sand paper

Now sand the blade smooth. Go easy and take your time with it. It is easy to crack and crinkle the foam.


Ok! Let's Paint it!

Paint it

Painting is pretty straight forward but I will give you a couple of good tips. First off the two handle pieces (full handle and sub handle) are brown. Everything else is silver.


Paint the handle brown

To get a nice wood look we had left some of the paper on the larger part of the handle. Here is another tip. On parts of the handle water down the brown paint. This will give the handle a nice uneven brown look.


Punch Holes

Now, to make the pins for the handle you use a paper punch and foil paper. This step is optional though. If you don't have any of this stuff you could just paint on silver circles.


Add the pins

And glue them on like this.


Coat with super heavy gel

Now we want the handle to have a nice shine to it. So we apply several coats of something to it. I used a Liquitex super heavy gloss gel mixed with a little bit of water. You can also use mod podge. And you might be able to use other things too. Experimenting might prove fruitful.

Let it dry before coats. I applied three coats.


Sand the blade smooth

To get an even better edge on your knife you can gently resand the blade once the paint has dried. The sanding will smooth it and the heating action will liquify the paint and spread it more even.


And that's It! Your Knife is done!

The completed knife




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