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Make a Foam Board Knife that Looks Real


This is a fun little project that is easy to make. And you just need a few basic supplies. I also give you the template if you want to make this exact shape knife.

You can probably do this whole project in an hour, depending on how long the paint takes to dry.

If you came to this page from youtube thanks! Give me a day to finish this tutorial but the template is done:

The template for this project is here

There is also a video tutorial you can watch at the bottom of this page.

Steel sub hilt knifeNote: I also made this knife out of steel. That was a fun project. You can see the tutorial here.



A look at the sub hilt

The interesting thing about a sub-hilt knife is that extra little hilt on it. It helps you hold onto the knife so it can't be pulled out of your hand. Your index finger goes between those two hilts.



The completed knife


Materials Needed for this project:

  • 1 sheet of foam board (cardboard is not a good option for this project)
  • The Template (right here)
  • xacto or hobby knife
  • Silver and Brown paint
  • Optional hole punch and silver foil paper to make the pins in the handle
  • a piece of sandpaper, the grit is very flexible, anywhere from 100 grit to 400 grit is ok.


Cut out the pieces

Print up the template and cut out the three pieces that make up the knife.


Trace onto the foam board

Trace the pieces onto your foam board.


Cut out the pieces

Cut the pieces out.


Glue the pieces together

Glue the three pieces together. One handle piece goes under the big piece and one handle piece goes right on top.


Sand to shape

Now use sandpaper to shape the handle nice and rounded. Leave a little bit of the paper on the handle. This will create a wood grain effect.


Use the edge of the sandpaper

To get the crisp edges around the hilt and sub hilt you can use the edge of the sandpaper like this.

Close up of the handle

Here is a closeup so you can see how the handle is developing.


NextLets continue with the tutorial, do the blade and paint it


The Video Tutorial



Cold Steel OSS, Kraton Handle (Secure-Ex Sheath)

The OSS sub-hilt fighter offers all the advantages and performance of a custom knife at a fraction of the price. For the ultimate grip, the handle guard, and sub-hilt are injection molded in one in one integral piece of Kraton . This manufacturing method makes the OSS more affordable while delivering the durability, security, and control in the hand that the sub-hilt fighter is famous for.


Hidden Blade

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