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Make the Game of Thrones Coin of the Faceless man (Arya's Coin)


This is a tutorial on how to make the coin of the faceless man from Game of Thrones. It is also called Arya's coin.

I show you several different ways to make it including just one out of a baked clay, or multiple ones using a mold, to get plastic or even metal ones. For the supplies I even give you the links to amazon so you can check out or the supplies.

There is also a video on this project at the bottom of this page.


The completed coin



FIMOWe start out with a clay called FIMO. Everything in this tutorial starts with this clay whether you want to make a clay coin, plastic coin or metal coin. It is a clay that you harden by baking in the over. Typically it is 230 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. It comes with instructions and is very easy to use and very easy to work with.

You can buy it on amazon here:

Fimo Soft Clay 10 Color Assortment 25 g blocks assorted colors box of 10


Let's make the first coin out of this FIMO. And we make the coin in two parts. Each side of the coin is a part. It is tricky to carve one side because pressing down on it distorts the other side so we make two halves, bake them then glue them together.

Let's take a close look at both sides of the coin so you can see what to do:

The two coin halves closeup

On one side is the words and on the other side is the hood of the faceless man.

Roll out clay for letteringRoll yourself out a coin shape like this. And use toothpicks or other tools to make the various designs. Then use very thinly rolled FIMO to create the lettering.

If you want Arya's coin like this one the words say:

"Valar Marghulis"
"Valar Doheiris"

Which means

"All Men Must Die"
"All Men Must Serve"


Cut and shape the hooded figureFor the hooded figure you roll out a thin sheet of FIMO, cut it out then press it down on the other coin half.

Then do your detail work on both sides of the coin.

This is a pretty simple coin and good for a beginner.






Bake in oven

Ok, once the coin halves are done you can put them in the oven and bake them for the recommended temp and time. Don't glue or sand them ahead of this.






Sand to get thinner

Once the coin halves are cooled you can sand them down like this to make them thinner, go gently and take your time. You don't want to crack or split them which could happen.

This sanding is a really good idea to flatten out the two sides that will be glued together.





Glue halves together

Apply an even coat of glue to each half and then glue them together.








Sand edge around

Once the glue has dried you can use a belt sander, sand paper or files to sand around the edge of the coin, making it all nice and smooth ( And round it out a bit).







Glue around the edgesTo smooth around the edges you can fill the gap with glue. Let it dry and sand that down smooth. This isn't mandatory unless you are going to make a mold and copies of the coin.


NextOk, the Clay coin is done. Let's move on to painting it and also molding it if you want to do that too.






You can watch the video tutorial here:




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