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Make a Game of Thrones coin Part 3 (casting the plastic or metal)


In this part of the tutorial we finish things off by casting ourself some duplicates in the mold! yay! You can make quite a few copies with this mold. It works pretty good!


The beginning of this tutorial is here



remove the coin

Ok, do some minimal cutting of the mold, just enough to remove that FIMO coin.

That mold is ready for casting parts in. I am going to show you how to cast plastic parts and how to cast metal parts.


The liquid plastic

Let's start with the plastic coin casting. We are using a product called Smooth Cast Liquid plastic. It comes in two parts. You mix the two parts together then pour it right in the mold. In about two minutes it hardens into plastic. Easy as that.

Here is the liquid plastic on amazon:

Smooth-On Smooth-Cast 300 Liquid Plastic Compound Smooth-Cast 300


Mix equal parts

You simply mix two equal parts of the plastic compound together. Stir it up well and quickly.


Pour into the mold

Then pour it into the mold. Be brisk and tap the mold to be sure it settles into all parts of the mold without forming air pockets.


Remove Plastic coin

Wait the required amount of time. Just a few minutes then remove the new plastic coin from the mold. Cut a little bit of the mold as needed to get the coin out. Inspect the coin for a good copy. If there are parts missing you may want to cast another coin!

If you keep getting the same defects in your plastic coins it may be a problem with the actual rubber mold. You may want to take a look in there and see! Create a new rubber mold if need be.

You can wipe the coin off to dry it.


Inspect the coin

This picture shows me inspecting the coin. Some of the detail is a bit shallow but that is ok. The painting will bring it out. At this point, once dried you can trim off that square part at the top with snippers, a file or even a belt sander.


Ok, Let's do a metal coin!!

Here is the low melting point bismuth that I use for this: Low-Melting Point 212F Bismuth Based Alloy Ingot

And here is the glue pot that I use to melt it. Just a common pot for melting glue sticks. You can buy these at arts and crafts stores. Here it is on amazon: FPC Glue Skillet 4"


Melt the bismuth

Cut some pieces of the Bismuth off the bar if necessary and place them in the heat pot. Let er all melt! Be sure to follow all safety precautions with this stuff.

Pour the metal

Pour the metal into the mold evenly and quickly, helping it along with a metal tool if need be. Wear safety gloves, safety goggles and long sleeves when doing this. The molten metal can cause serious burns.


Trim excess

Once it cools you can trim any excess that you think might make it difficult to remove from the mold.

REmove the metal coin

Now you can go ahead and remove that metal coin and inspect it. Trim any excess from the pour and trim any excess metal.


The coin fresh from the mold

There you go! It looks great. You have actually cast a metal coin. You can use that mold to make more of them. And this coin with a little clean up is ready for painting.


The Completed Metal coin

The completed coin



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