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Make a Game of Thrones SnowGlobe Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we continue working on the snowglobe.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here



Glue the tree to the base

Glue the tree to your base.


Add the face

Now make the face on the tree. The nose is a glob of hot glue and the eyes/mouth are curved pieces of wire that have been hot glued on.


Add glue texture

You can also at this point flesh out the tree with hot glue. But don't totally eliminate the wire shape and texture. The wire adds a wonderful bark texture.


Coat with mod podge

Ok, now seal everything with some kind of sealant. Mod podge or an acrylic brush on sealant works well for this. You will do multiple sealings on this project before it is done. We don't want it leaking colors in the water.


Paint the tree black

Once you have the tree exactly the way you want it you can go ahead and paint everything black including the foam base and the branches.


Add foliage

Now you can add branches and foliage to the tree. I used woodland scenics tree and bush textures. But you can use a red kitchen sponge. Just break off bits and pieces and glue them to the branches.


Check for fit in the bottle

Be sure to test is as you add the branches to insure it fits in the jar.


Add a sealer

Ok! Guess what? Seal it again! Make sure that foliage is nice and sealed. And while you are at it seal the tree and base again.

Seal it all

Next Okay! Let's continue with the tutorial



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