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Make a Game of Thrones SnowGlobe - Part 3


In this art of the tutorial we finish the snowglobe. Yay!

Part 1 of this tutorial is here


Paint the tree white

Now paint the tree white. But don't completely cover the black. Leave some of that black to show in the deeper parts. It gives it a great aged tree look.

We actually used two different shades of white. First we painted most of it with an antique white which is a little off white. Then we did a little bit of highlight painting with a nice bright white.


Add red

Now finish off the painting with some detail work. Paint the top of the base green and the sides of the base a rock color. And add a very watery red for the dripping eyes.

What do you do after all this paint has dried? Seal it!!!

Seal the whole thing!


scrach the lid before gluing

Now let's glue that tree assembly into the lid of the jar. Scratch the inside surface of the lid with a sharp object and scratch the bottom of the tree base too. This will help the glue to adhere.


Glue tree to lid

And glue it to the lid.


Add glitter

Ok! Let's put it all together now. Add some glitter to the jar.


Add water

Fill it almost full with water. You will have to tinker with the amount of water a bit. You want the globe to be as close to full as possible with very little air bubble. You can add water or take water out as you need to.


Put on the lid

Insert the tree and screw the lid tight.


Glue lid shut

Seal the lid with plenty of hot glue, forming a nice thick ring around it. And add some white glue if you think it needs it.


Sprinkle glitter on the seal

Finish it off by painting that hot glue ring a snow color and optionally sprinkle glitter on it while the paint is wet. This gives the snow globe a nice snowy base.


That's it! Your Snow Globe is done!

The completed snow globe



Game of thrones diorama

Make a Game of Thrones Diorama

If you are a Game of Thrones fan you might want to check this project out too. It is a diorama of Castle Black and the Wall. And it has a working Elevator that goes up the wall. I have a video tutorial for this project too. Make a Game of Thrones Diorama


The throne

Make a miniature throne from Game of Thrones Yup, all those miniature swords I made in the previous tutorial are now put to use. Even though it is miniature it is still technically made from forged swords! Make the Mini Throne


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