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How to Make a Hexagonal Box Kite Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish making the wooden part of the kite and we make our tissue paper parts.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here




Glue it

Now attach your star patterns to the long dowels at those marks you made at the three inch point. Do one star at each end of the kit. See how the foamboard holds everything together. It makes it much easier to do.


Glue it

Use masking tape to do all these connections. But you can start out with hot glue just to get it all set in place.

GLue it

Once it is all taped up nice you can cut away the foamboard.


The frame is done

Ok! The frame is done. let's add the tissue paper.

The tissue paper

We are going to make the kite part of this with the tissue paper. This involves making two long pieces. Fold your tissue paper over on itself for all of this. We want a double thick layer. One layer is a bit too flimsy and tearable.


The dimensions to cut

So this is what we are making. A double thick layer piece of tissue paper that starts out 59 x 8 inches in size. Then we fold over and glue three edges to end up with a piece that is 57 x 7 inches. Note that we fold over three sides. The side we don't fold over is the side that is already folded. Remember how we folded it over to make it double thick?


Tape pieces together

Our tissue paper isn't long enough to do in one piece so you simply use glue stick to assemble doubled pieces together until you have your end size of 59x8. When glue sticking the pieces together an overlap of about one half inch is plenty.


There you go. The paper part is cut to first size. Now we are folding over the three edges. The blue arrow shows the first edge being folded over.

The paper part


Apply paper to the kite

Ok, take one end of it and wrap it over a dowel. Tape it in place. Notice how the folded part is at the end of the kite.


Wrap the paper around

Wrap the paper right around the kite and then tape that other end to the same dowel you started at.


Tape at each dowel

The blue dots show you what I mean by taping it at each dowel. This will hold it together nicely and prevent the dowels from slipping position when it is flying.


Tuck and overlap the excess paper

The excess paper is easily handled by trimming it down a bit then glue sticking it to the paper underneath. No need to make the ends of the paper exactlly match at the dowel. Just overlap and glue stick it.


Do the other end of the kite

Do the same thing again for the other end of the kite. Make a tissue sheet to the correct size and apply it to the wooden frame.



To fly it you attach the kite string and the tail to the same dowel at the locations shown in this picture. You will probably have to experiment with the length of the tail. Our tail was pretty good at around two feet in length.

Where to attach the string


Flying the kite


Did we fly our kite? We sure did!



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