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Make a Knight Helmet out of Craft foam part 4

In this part of the tutorial we finish the helmet.

Part 1 of the tutorial is here



Place visor onto helmet

Place the visor up against the helmet like this. The ends left and rigth should be near the top of the helmet. And get a feel for this.

Try swinging the visor up and down. Notice how you need a little space between the visor and the helmet in order for it to swing up and down.






Puncture holes

Pierce a hole in each end of the visor.









Feed a wire through as a hinge

Mark and pierce holes in the helmet. Then you can attach the visor to the helmet with pieces of wire. Glu the wire but in a way so the visor still has range of motion.







Glue the wire

Once you have it working well you can go ahead and glue the wire in place.

Be sure to check that the visor goes up and down smoothly.







Paint it

Ok! Paint it. I used rustoleum metallic silver paint and krylon colormaster paint.









And that's it! Your Knights Helmet is done!

The knights foam helmet




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