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Make a Medieval Axe - And make it a prop axe to the back


The beginning of this tutorial is here


Ok! We have an axe. And in this part of the tutorial I show you how to make it a prop axe that is sticking out of your back!



Cut off a piece of the axe blade

Cut a piece of the axe off like this.


Check the angle of the cut

Try the angle of the cut on your back and re-cut it as you like it to sit against your back.


Two pieces of cardboard

Cut two pieces of cardboard about six inches by nine inches. Make one sheet a little smaller than the other. And glue them together. Use cardboard for this and run the corrugations in opposite directions for added strength.

Trace onto a shirt

Put that cardboard against your back and mark the tshirt around the cardboard. This is where you want it to sit. Make it pretty high on your back. Only a couple of inches away from the neck line.


Apply hot glue

ok, take the tshirt off. We don't want to glue it while wearing it. It wont glue well. So, put a piece of cardboard or foamboard inside the tshirt and stretch it flat. Then apply a lot of hot glue to the upper most two inches of the square. We are going to glue it in stages. Because we can't do this much glue all in one shot. It will cool too fast and not adhere well.


Apply cardboard to the shirt

Press the cardboard down so the glue sets well.


Make more lines of glue

Pick up the cardboard a bit. And apply the next couple of inches of glue. Press the cardboard down.


Apply more glue

You keep lifting it up a bit and adding another couple of inches of glue then pressing it down. Do this until the whole thing is glued securely down.


Try on the shirt add another shirt

Now put on the tshirt with the cardboard on it. Put the sleeved shirt over it. Measure where you want the axe to go, mark it and cut a slit in the sleeved shirt. See if the axe fits in that slit like this picture.

Mark with pencil onto the cardboard right where that axe is going to go.


GLue axe to the cardboard

Take both shirts off and lay them on a table. Keep the sleeved shirt bunched around the axe. Apply a thick bead of glue to the line on the cardboard and glue the axe down to it.

Once the hot glue cools put even more glue on it! We want it nice and strong so you can comfortably walk around with it on and it won't fall off or break off.


Put a bead of glue

Put a heavy bead of hot glue around the axe right where it meets the cardboard then press the sleeved shirt right onto it. This brings the shirt up against the axe and covers the cardboard underneath.


Paint the bead red

Now apply some more glue to the outside of the sleeved shirt right near the axe. This is blood! So put it on thick and then paint it red!



And that's it! You are done!! It looks great!! Remember not to sit down while you are wearing this!!


Arrow to the knee










Make a Skyrim
Arrow to the Knee!

I just couldn't resist this one. Lot of fun and easy to make. It is one of the most popular memes to come out of skyrim. Don't worry, I will keep working on the website even though I took an arrow to the knee.

Make an arrow to the knee


Dragon Mosaic




How to Make a Mosaic (Dragon)

Mosaics are beautiful and you just need a few tips on how to make them. In this tutorial we take you through all the steps on how to make a Dragon Mosaic

Hammer of Thor

Make the Hammer of THOR

This is an easy project to make with just foam and a broomstick. Comes out great. Make the Hammer of Thor



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