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Make a Medieval Knights Axe stuck in your back!


I also show you how to modify this project so it is an axe to the back!

If you already have some kind of toy or cardboard axe and you want to learn how to make it an "in the back" prop go to that page right here

I also have a video tutorial on this project at the bottom of the page.



Here is the axe that we make. And that is a great prop for fun and cosplay. But I also show you how to modify it so it is an axe in the back.

The axe   The axe in the back


Materials Needed to Make the Axe:

  • The template - It is right here
  • 2 cereal boxes
  • 1 piece of foam board
  • craft glue, hot glue, glue stick
  • Silver, brown and black paint (clearcoat spray is optional)(Two shades of brown if you have it)
  • String or rope to hold the handle while it is drying

Materials to modify it for an axe to the back:

  • Two pieces of cardboard
  • Red paint
  • Hot glue
  • a tshirt
  • a sleeved shirt, long or short sleeve, either is ok.

Let's Get Started

Print up the template. Take the two pieces for the handle and cut them then use a glue stick to glue them to a single sheet of foamboard.

The handle template

Now cut that piece out. This piece you now have will be the handle of the axe.

The handle template


Fold like this

We want to fold this piece of foamboard into a six sided shape.

Makes sense? Then it will be an axe handle.


Take a good look at it

Now take a good look at it. There are pairs of lines. Each pair has a solid line and a dashed line.


Cut on the lines

Let's look at those solid lines. There are five of them. Cut straight down through all of them.... but..... only cut through the top layer of paper and some of the foam. You do not want to cut through the bottom layer of paper. This way this piece can be folded into a hex shape.


Fold over on cuts

See? We just finished cutting the first solid line. And it isn't cut all the way through. This way it can be folded. Cut all five of the long lines like this.

Now it can be folded into the hex shape. But it doesn't fit very well so we are next going to do a cut on the dashed lines.


Bevel the edges

Now we cut the dashed lines like this. At a 45 degree angle toward the solid lines. We are in effect cutting out a triangular shape.

There are six dashed lines. Do this on all six.


How to cut the bevel

The dotted line shows how that cut is made at an angle.


Cut the bevel

Here is a nice way to easily cut all of these angled dashed lines. This picture shows just after we cut the first dashed line. We then tucked the foamboard under and now proceed to cut the angle at the second dashed line. Once that line is cut fold that flap over and angle cut the next dashed line.


Tie it for the glue to hold

Put glue in all of those grooves and put glue on the long edges then fold it up like this. And tie it with some string or rope to hold it in place while it dries.


NextOkay! The handle is made. Let's continue on with making the Axe (You can also watch the video tutorial below)




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