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Make a Medieval BillHook out of foam board - Part 2


In this part of the tutorial we finish making the blade and we do most of the painting.

Part 1 of this tutorial is here. There is also a video you can watch.




Now lets plaster or paper mache the straps so they look good. Plaster cloth is an easy option. Plaster Gauze 4inchx15ft for Crafts (Plaster of Paris Cloth Bandage Roll)

Or your can paper mache them. Paper mache is easy, mix two cups of flour with two cups of water. Stir it up until smooth and creamy. Then dip strips of paper towel in it.


Once it dries you can sand it down a bit to smooth it out and make it look like steel.


The bevel

The real billhook has a bevel on the inside edge of it.

Sand in the bevel

So use a rasp, a file or sand paper to put that bevel in on both sides top and bottom.


Prime it

Ok, you have a few options here when it comes to painting this. You can just paint it black and then paint the beveled edge silver and you are done. But if you want to get this billhook to have a metallic look I will show you the process that we followed.

First prime it all with a layer of white paint.


Matte sealant

Once the white has dried spray it with a matte sealant.


Paint it black

Once that dries, paint it black.


Paint the bevel

And paint the bevel silver.

Washing it

Now we are going to age it a bit. We do this with a washing technique. Mix a little bit of gray paint with a lot of water and brush this on the billhook. It just leaves a light residue of color like you see in the picture. Perfect.



NextLet's continue with the tutorial



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