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Make a Medieval BillHook out of foam board - Part 3



In this part of the tutorial we finish off the project.


Part 1 of this tutorial is here. There is also a video you can watch.


Mod Podge

Now just finish it off with a high gloss sealant. And the painting is done.


Install handle

Wow, it looks wet but it is dry. The high gloss just gives it a nice shine. All that remains is to install the handle if you haven't already. If need be you can cut one or both of the flaps to fit the handle in. Then just patch it up a bit.


Glue it

And that's it! Glue it in. And glue it in multiple places with lots of glue to make sure it doesn't fly off when you swing it.


And that's it! Your Billhook is done!

The completed billhook




Make Gauntlets out of Craft Foam


Yup! that is craft foam and these gauntlets look terrific. I show you how to make them and I also give you the template which makes it so easy. Print up the template, cut out the pieces and then trace onto craft foam. I have a video tutorial too. Make Gauntlets out of craft foam


Assassin's Creed Tomahawk

Make the Assassin's Creed Tomahawk

This a great project based off of the new Assassin's Creed. Here I show you how to make the Tomahawk wielded by the main character Connor out of a broom handle and some foam board. Make the Assassin's Creed Tomahawk



Make the RingWraith Sword from Lord of the Rings

This is a big sword yet pretty strong. I show you a special technique for making a foam board sword that is strong. It involves diamonds but not that kind! Make the Ringwraith sword from LOTR