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Make a Medieval BillHook out of foam board


This is a tutorial on how to make a medieval weapon called a Billhook. It is also known as a Bush Axe. This is made out of foamboard with a purchased axe handle.

If you came here from Youtube thanks! I need a day to finish the tutorial but the template for this project is right here if you want to get started!



The billhook

Materials needed for this Project:


In the forge

A note about this project: This is a really neat little reproduction we have done. I found an actual Billhook at a yard sale and bought it for 3 dollars. Nice find! I am in the process of rebuilding that. So, we figured for now it would be fun to build one out of foamboard. That steel project isn't done yet but you can keep track of the progress here: Rebuilding a steel billhook.


Cut out the template

Print up the template and cut out the pieces. There are only four pieces, easy project!


Tape the template pieces together

Tape the two pieces of the blade together.


Trace onto foamboard

Take that blade template and trace it twice on your foamboard. then cut those pieces out.

Glue together

Glue those two pieces together (one right on top of the other) and use a bit of emory paper or sand paper to smooth out the edges.

Trace straps

Now take the two straps and trace them onto cereal box cardboard and cut them out. Label them because they are different sizes.

Add flanges

This is how those cardboard straps are going to go on the billhook. Notice how the large one is near the curved end. And, The template has dotted lines to show this placement.

But, we have a few different options here. You can glue them on now like this or right along with the handle. Your choice and it partially depends on what kind and shape of handle you use. If you are just using a dowel or a broomstick then go ahead glue them right on and fit them to a loose fit of your dowel.

The fit of the handle

Depending on what wooden handle you are using it might be difficult to get it into the straps after they are plastered. So you could put the handle up against the blade then fit the straps right into place.


NextLet's continue with the tutorial - You can also watch the video tutorial below


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